HATCH 2020 Research: The New Abnormal – the pandemic and its impact on our working lives

When COVID-19 initially hit we, like most, were first and foremost concerned for the health of our family and friends. As clients began reaching out for support, HATCH wanted to provide guidance, but of course, like with all advice in the early days, our input wasn’t much more than just a best guess. With the triage phase behind us, we felt now was finally the time to share some of our thinking about this very strange time. We’ve consciously avoided the phrase “the new normal”, as there is nothing normal about a pandemic, and equally, we aren’t calling it “return to work”, because many people have been working very hard indeed, despite – or perhaps because of – offices being closed.

We’ve taken this time to do what we do best – research – and brought together our thoughts on what the transition period back into the office might look like.  Read Hatch 2020 Research here…

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